Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kroger 4 Bonus Freebies for ClickList Customers

Check your email today and/or your Kroger online account for a single download coupon that will net you free
Nature Valley Granola Cups
Rice Krispies Treats
Del Monte Fruit Cups
Jello Pudding Cups

when you do a $50 Clicklist order by 8/14. I've done two. I was hesitant while putting together my second one because I knew I'd back out if there was a $4.95 service fee, but after I started toward checkout, the fee was crossed out and listed as $0. So, hey, yes! I'll have to do another one with these 4 freebies, and I still have a couple freebies good from their last big push, IF there is no service fee. I need to wait until I have other groceries to buy, as it's hard for me to get to $50. The freebies really help.

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