Sunday, July 30, 2017

Groupon $5, $10, $15 or $30 Off This Weekend

Use code OFF to get

$5 off $20
$10 off $40
$15 off $60
$30 off $100

on local deals at Groupon, like massages, mani/pedi, restaurants, local attractions and activities. The code is valid only for two days, expires 7/30. Groupons, once purchased, usually have several months to a year to expiration.

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My latest Groupon I'll be using on Aug 12, to do "Slide the City". It's a giant waterslide the length of 3 football fields stretching down the middle of Salt Lake City. I bought 3 unlimited Groupon passes for two of my older grandkids and me. We'll be hiking back up the hill to do it over and over.  I'm counting on a bizillion steps on my Fitbit that day.  "Slide the City" travels all around the country during summer, so check Groupon to see if it's coming near you.

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