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Walgreens Mar 27 - Apr 2, RiteAid Mar 20-26

See the ** RiteAid Weekly flier Mar 20-26,
click here 12 pages
See the
** Walgreens Weekly Flier Mar 27 - Apr 2, click here 16 pgs

If you are new, scans of the RiteAid and Walgreens fliers are posted 2-3 weeks ahead here on this site. You can always find the links in the side column at :

Double Plays
 (3/6 & 3/13)

RiteAid Double Plays (3/6 & 3/13)

The red dates refer to the finished double play lists. (3/6 & 3/13)  means that the matchup lists are complete for both weeks 3/6 and 3/13. BUT, the scans are usually available for future weeks beyond the red dates. You'll always find those links in the upper middle of the Walgreens Double Plays and RiteAid Double Plays pages. Right now there are scans available through Apr 2 for Walgreens and through Mar 26 for RiteAid. I don't do the matchups for future weeks until I have the coupon preview for the upcoming Sunday. I generally start the Double Play lists on Wednesday and they are ready on Friday before the new week starts. If I did them earlier, they wouldn't have the most current coupons included. The lists are always ready to print before the new week starts. One purpose of the seeing the weekly fliers several weeks ahead is so you can gather coupons to match the upcoming sales. There are several coupon clipping services listed in the left column at, and you can post on the trading boards

check EBay.

Old Orchard Frozen Juice B1G1F on Facebook

Print an Old Orchard Frozen Juice B1G1F coupon worth $1.99 from their Facebook page. There are 25,000 prints available and it's a bricks.

Nestle Instant Win With 100,000 Winners

Here’s an instant win contest with 100,000 winners. Enter your email for a free code to play the Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Instant Win game. Use the code to try for a $10 Nestle Book Cash certificate. Nestle will also donate a book to charity for each winning code entered. The game is good through 12/29/11. You enter your email, then the free code is emailed to you. (Mine went to my spam folder).

Polish Pottery

Have you ever heard of Polish Pottery? I hadn't until a good friend came to stay at Christmas and gave me a piece as a present. They are very intricate hand painted dishes that are oven, microwave, and dishwasher
safe. Each piece is handmade in Poland.
I thought about it because on The Foundary this morning, they have Polish Pottery. It's not cheap: Prices range on sale from $32 to $77 depending on size. But if you have someone to buy for, like a mother who has everything, this would be a beautiful unique Mother's Day or birthday gift. Or treat yourself. The pieces on The Foundary are vibrant blues:

You have to see it in person to appreciate the work that must have gone into each piece. (You lucky ducks in Melbourne FL have a Polish Pottery outlet store.)

Mamapedia Deal of the Day

Product DetailsThe deal today on Mamapedia is "Get a book, Give a Book". For $10 you get a hard cover copy of the award-winning children's book Interrupting Chicken
($19 value and free shipping), but you also get a three month subscription to, plus the company will donate a book in your name to a child in need via has been praised in USA Today, Parents magazine, etc. It connects families, like grandparents who are far away, by allowing the adult to read to the child in real time over the computer. Both people see the book that is being read. It uses on-line video chatting. 

** If you are a first time
Mamapedia buyer, you can use code WELCOME3 to get $3 off, making the final price $7.

I found the deal under Salt Lake City, but I think it's under every city today. It doesn't matter where you live; all can buy in. The book ships free.

TheMiniSocial $10/$10 Good On Books

The $10 off $10 code LUCKYKIDS is still working. Pay s/h. There are a bunch of books on the site this morning in the $11.95 and $12.95 range, less the code would be $1.95 or
$2.95. For example:

"Endangered Recipes - Too Good To Be Forgotten" $11.95, with code LUCKYKIDS $1.95. Or

"Blender" $12.95, with code LUCKYKIDS  $2.95Other interesting titles:

Good to the Grain" Baking with Whole Grain Flours $18.95, with code $8.95
"The Eco-nomical Baby Guide" $12.95, with code $2.95"Beyond the Family Tree" (how to do genealogy) $9.95, free with code
"Knitting for Baby" $9.95, free with code

Your order must be at least $10 for the code to work.

Reader's Digest $7.20 With Code

BestDealMagazines Deal of the Day.
One year subscriptions.
Use code REFCENTS15 to get an extra 15% off:

TODAY: 3/12 Muscle & Fitness $4.39, with code $3.70
Weekly Deal Reader's Digest $7.20 with code READER
Coming Soon:

3/13 Woman's Day
$4.39, with code $3.703/14 Shape $4.39, with code $3.70
3/15 Fresh Home $4.39, with code $3.70
3/16 Ultimate Motorcycling $4.39, with code $3.70
3/17 Garden & Gun $4.39, with code $3.70
3/18 Consumer Reports $25.95, with code $21.95
3/19 Harper's Bazaar $4.39, with code $3.70
3/20 Good Housekeeping 2 yrs $15, with code $12

CVS MatchUps Mar 13-19

The CVS/ECB Double Plays (3/13) list is ready for next week.
Print the full list at

Theraflu Daytime Severe Cold & Coughtrial size .99
- .99 ECB, limit 1
- $3/2 (S 2/13)
- $2
FP 3 free if you use the $3/2 coupon

Crest Complete, Rinse, Crest Clinical Gum Toothpaste, Oral-B Clinical Protection Floss $3.49
- $2.50 ECB, limit 2
- $1 (PG 2/27)
- .75 (PG 2/27)
FP ala free

Tena Ultra Thins Heavy Protection Pads $9.99
- $9.99 ECB, limit 1
- $1.50 (S 1/2)
- $2.50 printable
- $1
FP free + profit

Irish Spring Deodorant, Body Wash $2.99
- $2 ECB, limit 1
- $1 (S 3/13)
- $1
- .50 (S 3/13)
FP free

Aussie, Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner $2.98
- $2 ECB wyb 2, limit 1
- B1G1F (S 3/13)??
- $1 (P&G $110 booklet)
FP ala 2 free

Gain Dish Liquid .97
- $1 P&G $110 booklet

Friday, March 11, 2011

Walmart $5 Gift Card for Little Swimmers Purchase

Receive a free $5 Walmart gift card and a Huggies coupon booklet with any purchase of Huggies Little Swimmers. This is good for the first 2,700 to submit their Walmart receipt and mail-in form. Product must be purchased 2/28/11 - 5/11/11.
Read about it here
Print form here

Walgreens Matchups Mar 13 - 19

The Walgreens Double Plays (3/13) list is ready for next week.
** Walgreens Weekly Flier Mar 13 - 19, click here 16 pgs
Print the complete list with 75+ deals at in pdf or google format.

ArthArrest Topical Analgesic Lotion 3 oz $9.99
- $9.99 MIR prints at checkout
freeIrish Spring Deodorant or Body Wash $3 -- buy 2
- $4 RR wyb 2
- two $1
printables (zip 84010)
- two $1 Body Wash (S 3/13)
2 free

Clearasil Skin Care $4.99
- $2 sale price
- $2 RR
- $1 (S 1/23)
- $2
FP ala free

Freestyle Lite or Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor $19.99
- $10 RR
- $10 (S 9/12)

Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant or Body Wash B1G1F
- B1G1F (RP 3/13)
FP 2 free

Renpure Organics
$5.99 B1G1F
- TMF rebate hangtags
FP ala 2 free

Theragran-M, Walgreens A thru Z, or One Daily B1G1F $9.99
- $5 Walgreens A thru Z 400 ct March Walgreens Coupon Booklet
FP ala 2 free

RiteAid Matchups Mar 13-19 --- 163 Deals

The RiteAid Double Plays (3/13) list is ready for next week.
** RiteAid Weekly flier
Mar 13 - 19, click here, 12 pages 
Print the entire list with 163 matchups at

Note that the $1 Food Ups are now limited to one per month per account.


Gain Dish Detergent 10.3-11 oz .99
-$1 c/o (P&G Everyday Savings Book)

Halls Cough Drops 30 ct (exc Defense) $1
-.50 c/o (Mar
-.50 c/o (,Feb AYor Mar AY)
-.55 c/o (blinkie)
-.35 c/o (S 2/6)
FP ala .05 PROFIT

Nivea Lip Care .17 oz $1
-$2/2 c/o (

Renu 2 oz $1
-$2 c/o Sensitive (
-$1 c/o MultiPlus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops (
-$2 c/o Lens Comfort or Senstitive Eyes (
-$2 co MultiPlus Solution (
Printable)FP FREE + Possible Overage

Chloraseptic 1 - 6.8 oz or 18-40 ct $3.99
-$3 +UP Reward
-$1 c/o (
Printable)FP FREE

Little Remedies Cold or Fever 1 oz $3.99
-$3 +UP Reward
-$1 c/o (
Printable)FP FREE

Motrin IB PM 40 ct $3
-$1 +UP Reward
-$1 c/o (Mar
-$1 co (S 1/9 #2,
Printable, or )Printable
-$6/2 c/o (S 1/9 #2)FP FREE + UP Overage

Visine Eye Drops 15 ml $4.99
$2 off w/in-ad coupon
-$1 +UP Reward
-$1 c/o (
-$2 c/o w/Hydroblend (S 1/9 #2 or$1 c/o (S 1/9 #2)
-$2 c/o Visine-A (
-$3 c/o Multi-Symptom Relief (
Printable)FP ala FREE w/Possible Overage

Purex Fabric Softening Crystals 28 oz $3.99
-$1 +UP Reward
-$1 c/o (Mar VV)
-$2 c/o (RP 3/13)
-$1 c/o (

Port Clyde Sardines B1G1 50% off (reg price $1.29)
-$1 +UP Reward
2/FREE + Overage

Kellogg's High Value Printables Sign Up Is Back

It's back, but if you signed up before, you can't sign up again. Get high value Kellogg's coupons. Start here. The coupons change monthly.

GraveYardMall 3 Appliances for $32.99

GraveYardMall has a great deal on a package of 3 items for $32.99 total.

* Conair Footspa reg $34.99
* Conair Scale reg $24.99 - $59.99
* Conair Hair Dryer $19.99 - $59.99

Type "Conair" in the search box and it's the first deal listed.

Walgreens Money-Maker On Fruity Pebbles

There is a huge money-maker happening right now. Make a $4 profit.
Buy 5 single service Fruity Pebbles for .79 each using the in-ad coupon.
Cost is $3.94. Out spits TWO $4 catalinas.
It only works on Fruity Pebbles.

Remember, you can spend those two $4 catalinas at Walmart if you prefer.

(Note: Almost all Walgreens store coupons say 'limit 3' but the register does not recognize a limit and will deduct for however many you buy. It has been this way for years.)

ConAgra Refund for $35 In Coupons

Print the form for $35 in ConAgra coupons wyb $15 in ConAgra foods. Receipts must be dated 12/26/10 - 3/31/11. You can use multiple receipts.  You can see a list of ConAgraFoods here.

Banquet, Chef Boyardee, David Seeds, Egg Beaters, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hunt's, Kid Cuisine, Marie Callender's, Orville Redenbacher's, Pam, Reddi-Wip, Slim Jim, Snack Pack, Wesson, and more.

Recycle Bank: Free McDonald's Food & Free Friskies

RecycleBank has a printable coupon for free Premium McDonald's Salad when you buy a Happy Meal. The coupon 'costs' 50 points. Click on "Get Rewards" then scroll to the far right to "Restaurants" and click.

Get a coupon for a free McDonalds Latte mailed to you for 75 points

Get a coupon for a free Fruit & Maple Oatmeal for 75 points

This reward is new. Get 2 free cans of Friskies cat food for 75 points. This one is under "Pets":

You can score an easy 70 points by clicking on "Earn Points" and do these:
30 Points Miller Coors Earn & Learn quiz
30 points Naked Juice reNEWable Game
10 points Naked Juice Game


Thursday, March 10, 2011

$10 Off $10 Code At TheMiniSocial! Freebies!

HOT!! **** Use code LUCKYKIDS for $10 off $10!!!!! I just tested it and it worked! Pay shipping only. Sign up for an account, then enjoy the free $10! It works immediately.

Easy Fit Onesie Apple $11 (with code $1!)

pj short set tangerine $11 (with code $1!)

baby pants soccer blue $10 (with code free!)

Dog family $7 (reg $13)  (with code free!)

Count Octopus $10 (reg $18)  (with code free!)

Free Chili's Chips & Queso Printable Is Back

It's back! Get a coupon for Free Chili's Chips & Queso. Start here.
You're signing up for their e-mail club. You can print the coupon for the free Chips & Queso after you finish the short 30 second sign up. The coupon has your name on it. You must purchase an entree to use the coupon, limit one per table. (3/24) Bon Appetit...

Land O Lakes Butter With Olive Oil Double Play

Combine the .50 coupon and the B1G1F refund for a good old-fashioned double play:
- .50 Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter product
- B1G1F Land O Lakes Butter with Olive Oil refund  - send cash tape, form, and UPC (4/30/11) This product runs about $2.69.

At Walmart, it is $2.24. Final price would be 2/$1.74

Walmart: Free + Overage on Purex Complete

Here are a couple possible scenarios using the new Walmart coupon policy which allows
Purex Laundry Sheets travel size .98
- $3 (RP 2/2)
FP free + $2.02 overage

Purex Laundry Sheets travel size .98
- $1 (RP 3/13)
FP free New 80% Off Code

Restaurant has a new 80% off code: SAVE (3/14) Get a $25 certificate for $2. RC readers have been successfully using these certificates for 10 years.


The Gap $25 off $50 Code Sent To Your Cell Phone

 The Gap wants to give you a $25 off $50 code if you have a cell phone. Go to this link and enter your cell phone number. The code is good 3/10 - 3/16. You have to show the code on your phone to get the discount. It's only good in-store.

Free Luggage Tags, Free Samples

Free goodies:

I did this KLM free luggage tag promo a couple years ago, and the tags are nice. You upload your own picture, then the tags are sent to you, no charge of any kind. You get two. If you don't want to upload a picture, you can opt for one of their designs. It only takes a minute, and you don't even have to pay postage.

Salonpas Pain Relief Patch $3 Printable

Print a high value $3 coupon on Salonpas pain relief patch. Look for 2 ct packages and they should be close to free. These are a lot like Thermacare patches. Keep a supply on hand for muscle strains, arthritis, etc. Start here:
Salonpas Pain Relief Patch
It's a bricks coupon.


Purex Complete Crystals $1 and $2 Coupons

PurexPrint a $1 Purex Complete Crystals coupon from their Facebook page. Click to 'like', then look in the left column for "coupons". Click here and fill in your name and email.
There will be a $2 coupon Sunday:
Purex Complete Crystals Softener $2 (4/30/11)

Sara Lee Deli Meat $1 Printable

New today on
off 1 lb. Sara Lee Deli meat at the service counter. You can print twice. I found it with zip 84010, click on "Food", then it's on page 5.


BuildABear B1G1F On 6 Dogs

BuildABear is offering B1G1F on 6 different stuffed dogs. Choose from Boxer, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Yorkie, Yellow Lab, or Border Collie. Use code 96050 during check out to get one free. Expires Sunday 3/13. $5 Off Code

Right now you can get an instant $5 off at Click on the banner, and use code springmags as you check out. They do have All You for $19.97, so with the code, it would be $14.97., Inc.

Walt Disney World Possible 5 Free Nights Accommodations

I'm posting this link with a word of caution. This promotion isn't affiliated with Walt Disney World, and I'm 100% sure you would have to listen to a time share pitch while you're there. With that in mind, it could be a good deal. You pay  $159.00 for two Walt Disney World Theme Park tickets, then you get 5 night accommodations for free.
Basically, they want to get you down there so you'll buy into a timeshare, but of course, they don't know your ability to say no. Enjoy the free stay.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stila Cosmetics Cheap at Hautelook

HauteLook has very popular Stila cosmetics deeply discounted, but I think today is the last day.
Lip Rouge $5.99 (Reg $20)
Cheek Color $5.99 (Reg $18)
Brow Set $6.99 (Reg $18)
Mascara $8.99 (Reg $21)
Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer $13.99 (Reg $35)



HouseParty Sign Up: Little Debbie

If you are game to host a HouseParty, there is a new one available: "Little Debbie Cloud Cake Break House Party." Sign up here. The party date is April 28.

You'll get
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cakes
  • Little Debbie napkins
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cake notepads
  • Little Debbie coasters
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cake magnetic
    photo frames
You're expected to invite friends and take pictures that you upload.
Other House Parties include:

  • Green Works New To You House Party (Apr 16)
  • Singer Sew Very Easy House Party (May 6, 7, 8)
  • Weight Watchers Ice Cream House Party (Apr 30)
  • Bic Soleil Sunny Moments House Party (June 4)
  • Fresh Wave Freshen Up Your Life House Party (June 4)
  • Redbook Happy Hour House Party (June 8)
    Click here to see them all and apply.


Wooden Cut Puzzles $7 At The Mini Social has beautiful wooden cut puzzles for cheap today:
Dog family $7 (reg $13)

Cat family $7 (reg $13)

Count Octopus $10 (reg $18)

 3 chicks $6.50 (reg $12)

Haagen Dazs Shops Free Midnight Dazzler Frozen Dessert

Häagen-Dazs ShopsHaagen Dazs Shops are offering a free Midnight Dazzler Frozen Dessert. Sign up on their Facebook page, and it will come via email. (Thanks Tricia B) You can check for shop locations by zip. Boo-Hoo for me, none in my state.

Dairy Queen Contest Postponed

Update: This is supposed to happen March 15.  "Beginning March 15th you will have a chance to win one of 6 brand new MINI Cooper Countryman vehicles! This will be a video contest"

Dairy Queen is having a huge giveaway today.
Go to this link. "The Mini Blizzard Treatment". From the website:
You’ve come to the right place! In celebration of the Mini Blizzard Treat we’re giving away so much free stuff, we don’t even know what half of it is. OK. We do know what it is, we just like keeping you in suspense. The clock’s ticking. Get ready, the Mini Blizzard Treatment is about to go down!Go to this link

Sign Ups For Ebates

 If you do any shopping online, you can go through the links at Ebates and get a  % kickback for on-line purchases. If you are new, you'll get a $5 sign up bonus. Ebates is the oldest and most reputable of the shopping portals.  Once you sign up (free), you can always check Ebates list of on-line merchants, and start there. You'll get a check regularly. Here are some
examples of their kickbacks: 26%
Staples 4%
Overstock 1%-5% 6%
JCPenney 3%
Joann 5%
Office Depot 2%
Mamapedia 4%
Groupon 3%
Kohls 2%
and on and on...

There are literally hundreds of merchants. Click on the tab "Shop All Stores" to see the long list
Ebates. There are big rewards, too, like $40 if you sign up for DIRECTV through their link. The only major on-line merchant not listed on any shopping portal is Amazon. When you first go to the Ebates homepage, look at the banners near the top. There will be specials for a higher percentage of kickback. Right now, Macy's is giving 5% (usually 2.5%) and Staples is giving 4% instead of 2%.


Kohl's Quadruple Plays + Ebates

Kohl's --- WOW!
You m ust have a Kohl's credit card to use these codes:
* 30% off
with code LOVE2SHOP and

* free shipping with code FREE4MVC.

You can stack the codes. There are Early Bird specials today through 3pm CST.

* You also get $10 in Kohls cash for every $50 spent through 3/13. BONUS: Go through Ebates to get 2% back on your purchase.

Combine: Early Bird sales + 30% off + free shipping + Kohl's Cash+ 2% cash back from Ebates

Here are some more of the sale prices:

color 25941 CaviarKitchenAid Artisan 5 qt Stand Mixer $299.99 - $209.99 with code LOVE2SHOP  - $50 in Kohl's cash - $30 mail-in rebate - $6 Ebates = as low as $123 (reg $359!) and ships free with code FREE4MVC. If you do this, please report on Chat if it turns out that good. I haven't done it; this is the best case scenario.
SONOMA life + style Water Lotus and Bamboo 3 x 4 Pillar CandleWater Lotus & Bamboo Pillar Candles $2.50-$3.40 after codes, (Reg $9-$12)
color 176397 Black4 piece Prodigy Richmond luggage set $42 shipped after coupons, (was $149) search for Prodigy Richmond.

PhotoWorks Transferring To Shutterfly with $30 in Credit

"PhotoWorks is going out of business. If you transfer your photos to Shutterfly, you will get a code for $30. If you don't have a Shutterfly account, open one, then click on this link to go to PhotoWorks: 
And follow directions; it was beyond easy and they sent me the code for
Shutterfly within about 15 min or less. Yea! Although sad to see PhotoWorks go, I liked them."  (Thanks Andrea W)

Melissa & Doug Toys $9-$12

Yesterday I suggested everyone register at The Foundary. The Melissa & Doug toys offered today are really nice, like:

25 piece Wooden Geometic Stacker $9 (reg $16) The Foundary

Happy Giddy Bowling Set $12 (reg $19)

The Foundary

24 Piece Wooden Take-Along Took Kit $9 (Reg $14)The Foundary

Wooden Semi Truck Car Carrier $12 (reg $19)The Foundary

Princess Elise Magnetic Dress Up $10 (Reg $12) The Foundary

6pm Kids Jumping Jack Shoes $12-$22

Jumping Jacks Kids - Keri Ann (Infant/Toddler)Jumping Jacks Kids - Claire (Toddler)Jumping Jacks Kids - Lance (Youth 2)Jumping Jacks Kids - Victor (Youth 2)

Jumping Jacks Kids Regularly $50! Many are $12 - $22. There are darling kids' shoes today at, AND they are having a shipping  special of $4.95 flat fee instead of the usual $6.95