Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best Deal Magazine Deals Coming

Here are the BestDealMagazines One year subscriptions. Use code REFCENTS15 to get an extra 15% off:
10/17 Men's Journal $4.39, with code $3.72
Coming Soon:

10/18 Ultimate Motorcycling $3.99, with code

10/19 Fly Rod & Reel $4.29, with code $3.66

10/20 Life Extension $4.29, with code 3.66

10/21 Sherman's Travel $3.99, with code $3.40

10/22 Body & Soul $5.29, with code $4.50

10/23 Family Fun $4.29, with code $3.66

10/24 Ranger Rick $14.49, with code $12.33

10/25 Yoga Journal $5.29, with code

Walgreens Double Plays Next Week

The Walgreens Double Play list is ready. It's been a great month at Walgreens for numerous RR's. Next week will have some profit makers. Print off the full list in block format at which includes the RR deals that are good all month. Here are highlights for next week:

Triaminic $4.99
- $8 RR wyb 3
- $1.50

- $2 coupon in Healthy Savings coupon book ($6 will come off).
Pay $4.50 out of pocket, get a $8 RR
FP 3 free + $3.50 profit

Theraflu 6 ct $4.99
- $8 RR wyb 3
- $2 printable
- $2 Walgreen's Healthy Savings Booklet
FP ala 3 free + overage

Gillette Fusion Razor System $8.99
- $4 (P&G 9/27)
- $6 RR
FP free + $1 profit

Zantac 75 or Zantac 150 $8.99
- $1 (S 8/23) or (S 10/18)
- $5
- $8.99 RR
FP free + $5 profit

Reeses Candy 2/$1 with in-ad cpn
- .55 (S 8/23)
FP free

Trident Layers Gum
- .75
coupon print here.
- $1 RR wyb 2
FP = free + .50 profit

CVS Double Plays Start Tomorrow

Thanks to our CVS Team, Amanda and Megan, the CVS Double Play list is ready for next week. Print off the complete list in block format at
Highlights ----

$6.99 ECB wyb Glade Fragrance Collection
diffuser or soy candle 4.9-10oz (6.99) limit
- $3 (AY 08/09, S#2 10/4)
- $3 (AY 09/09)

- $3.50 IP

$5 ECB wyb $20 Halloween Candy limit 1
BOGO 50% (.89)
2/$1 Russell Stover or Hershey marshmallow
or peanut butter pumpkin
$6 M&Ms, Milky Way, Swedish Fish, & Sour
Patch Fun Size 18.8-26.4oz
- $1/2 Mars Fun Size (RP 9/27, RP 10/11)
2/$4 Now & Later's, Brach's candy corn,
Life Savers, Gummies, Jujyfruits, Warheads,
Marshmallow Pals, or Chewy LemonHead
$1 All Theater Candy or Mars King Size,
Peeps or Pez
$.99 Trident Layers 14ct

- $.75 Trident Layers IP

4/$5 Cadbury Bars
2/$5 Skittles or Starburst Fun Size 11.18oz
$5 Game Night, Gummies 34ct, Child's Play
2/$3 Skittles, Starburst, LifeSavers 6-7.2oz
$9 Mars Fun size Variety Mix 31.5-34.5oz
- $1/2 Mars Fun Size (RP 9/27, RP 10/11)

$7 ECB wyb $15 Revlon cosmetics (starting
at 3.90) limit 1
- $1 (S#1 9/13, S 10/11)

$2 ECB wyb Cover Girl Lash Blast Length
Mascara (8.99) limit 1
- $1 (PG 9/27, PG 10/11)

SAM-e Money Back Guarantee

Try SAM-e risk free with this money-back guarantee. Must be purchased by 12/31/09. They send you a pre-paid mailer to return the unused product. Print a $3 SAM-e coupon here which expires 12/31/09.

Build A Bear 20% Off Coupon

Print a 20% off coupon on any animal priced $10+ at Build A Bear (10/24)

All You Magazine November Coupons

Give a GiftSee the coupons coming in the November All You magazine, click here. Noteworthy:

Buy any NYC Eye Liner, Get any NYC
Product of Equal or Lesser Value Free (up to
$1.97 FREE)

Buy any combination of five
Stuffing Mix (
6 oz.) or Heinz® HomeStyle
Gravy (12 o z) & save $2.00 on a Butterball®

$3.00 off any 1 item purchased

Crystal Light $2

Carvel Ice Cream Cakes $2

$1.00 off any 1 package of
Vanity Fair

Print the Form for Skippy PB and Charlie Brown DVD

Print the form to get $3 back wyb It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and any Skippy Peanut Butter (1/31/10)

Free FreeStyle Diabetic Meter

If you have diabetes.... Get a free FreeStyle blood glucose meter, click here.

InBox Sign Up with Free $5

Inbox is offering a free $5 sign-up bonus. Get paid
to read emails:

Free $20 Jack In The Box Cash Card

Jack-In-The Box customers: Buy a $20 Jack Cash Card with your American Express card, and get another $20 card free. Read about it here

Kraft "Keep the Jingle in Your Holidays" Refund Offer

Watch in-store for a new booklet from Kraft with a $10 mail-in rebate plus coupons. It's called "Keep the Jingle in Your Holidays" and offers $10 mail-in rebate wyb Nabisco crackers, Easy Cheese or Planters nuts between 10/1 - 11/30. Requires dated receipts. Full list of participating products is found here. You can print a $1/2 Nabisco Cracker coupon here and print the $10 rebate form at this link. The rebate lists Nabisco Crackers 7 oz - 16.5 oz, Easy Cheese, and Planters nuts 9.25 oz -21.25 oz. The in-store booklet also contains these coupons:

$1.50/1 Starbucks Coffee, any 12 oz. bag
.55/1 Nilla Wafers, any (11 oz - 12 oz.)
$1/2 Maxwell House, any 10.5 oz. or larger
$1/2 General Foods International packages
$1/2 Toasted Chips, any 8.1 oz. OR Easy Cheese
$1/2 Honey Maid Grahams, any (10 oz. - 14.4 oz.)
$1/2 Ritz crackers, any (13 oz. - 16 oz.) OR Easy Cheese
$1/2 Triscuit crackers, any (8 oz. - 9.5 oz.) OR Easy Cheese
$1/2 Wheat Thins, any (7.5 oz. - 10 oz.) OR Easy Cheese
$1/2 Planters nuts, any (9.25 oz. - 21.25 oz.)
$1/2 Nabisco Stoned Wheat Thins, Sociables, Better Cheddars, Chicken in a Biskit, OR Easy Cheese

Walgreens Double Play Highlights

The Walgreens Double Play list for next week, with all matchups, is ready at Log in there to print the block format. Here are the Highlights:

Triaminic $4.99
- $8 RR wyb 3
- $1.50
- $2 coupon in Healthy Savings coupon book ($6 will come off).
Pay $4.50 out of pocket, get a $8 RR
FP 3 free + $3.50 profit

Theraflu 6 ct $4.99
- $8 RR wyb 3
- $2
- $2 Walgreen's Healthy Savings Booklet
FP ala 3 free + overage

Gillette Fusion Razor System $8.99
- $4 (P&G 9/27)
- $6 RR
FP free + $1 profit

Zantac 75 or Zantac 150 $8.99
- $1 (S 8/23) or (S 10/18)
- $5
- $8.99 RR
FP free + $5 profit

Reeses Candy 2/$1 with in-ad cpn
- .55 (S 8/23)
FP free

Trident Layers Gum
- .75
coupon print here.
- $1 RR wyb 2
FP = free + .50 profit

Friday, October 16, 2009

FujiFilm 100 Free Prints

HOT: FujiFilm SeeHere Photos is offering 100 free 4x6 prints with code prints to new customers through this link. You only pay shipping. Hurry, this could get pulled -

Bee M.D. Organic Honey Throat Drops Refund

This is an interesting satisfaction guarantee on Bee MD Organic Honey Throat Drops. See it here.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our 100% natural organic honey Bee M.D. throat drops! If you aren't, for any reason, simply mail in your receipt (proof of Bee M.D. purchase) and a receipt for your proof
of purchase of an alternative throat drop and we'll reimburse you for your original Bee M.D. purchase and the cost of your alternative purchase! Please mail these proofs of purchase to:
Attn: Satisfaction Guaranteed
BestSweet 288 Mazeppa Rd.

Refund Ethics

Yesterday a question was posted on Chat about refund submission ethics:

I have rebates sent to my house, my parents house, and neighbors. This includes Rite Aid and any TMF rebates I find. (this was the issue the person had. Said I was using factious address and names.) The people are real and so are the addresses. I could understand if I was saying "my address A" "My address b" (like apartments when it is a single family home) but I am not. The addresses and people I use don't coupon or refund, but do exist. I spend the money and when the check comes they cash it and give it to me."

To give a complete answer to this, you have to know more about the history of refunding as a hobby. Refunds became extremely popular in the 1980's - 1990's. Refunds were more popular and more lucrative than coupons. People easily sent for 100 refunds a month just in their own names. I published 700-800 new refunds every month in Refund Cents. Many of these refunds never required cash tapes. It was the golden age of refunds. Because there was so much money involved in refunding, some people quickly figured out ways to get twice as many, or three or four times as many checks as they already got at their own homes. The first obvious way was to send to relatives and friends. That branched out to renting post boxes in nearby towns and altering the spelling of names. Combining all those methods netted the worst offenders as much as $25,000 a year, sometimes more. This went on for years. Finally manufacturers got serious about shutting down these practices and set up the CIC with Bud Miller as the head. The clearinghouses, manufacturers and the CIC set out to put a stop to people receiving multiple refunds. In 1994, with the help of addresses gleaned from clearinghouses, "The Letter" was sent out to thousands and thousands of refunders. The Letter basically warned them that their submissions had been flagged and they were in possible violation of federal law, which carried prison terms of up to 5 years, and informed them that any further activity would result in possible prosecution. The Letter was devastating. People literally burned their proofs of purchase and never sent for another refund. Some people became so fearful that they were going to jail that they became suicidal. The problem with The Letter was not only that it was overkill, it was sent to guilty and innocent alike. People who only did refunds in their own names got The Letter. People
who were terrible offenders got The Letter. It was the beginning of the end for refunding as we knew it then. Manufacturers cut back drastically in the number of refund promotions, and today we get at most 100 new refunds a month vs. 800 a month 20 years ago. So.... to answer Lisa's question.... I understand the rationale that friends and relatives have their own addresses and have the right to receive their own refunds. But their refunds are not your refunds. If you send for refunds using other people's names and addresses, then you have violated the 'one per household' rule. It's sad but true, because it seems like a logical way to get more refunds. Unfortunately, manufacturers don't see it your way. When you send for a refund, you are entering into a contract. You agree to the terms on the refund form, and in exchange, the manufacturer agrees to give you the refund. One of the terms is one per household. Now, I realize that most people see this as a gray area, and have decided it's okay. If you feel that way, I won't change your mind, but please realize there is a whole history about this issue that did not end happily for some people like Ellen Biles, who went to prison. It's playing with fire. Will you get caught? Probably not. But everyone needs to make an informed decision with all the facts. I hope that sheds light on this touchy subject.

Subscribe to Rouge Magazine

Sign up for Rouge magazine (freebie from P&G Beauty). The issues have coupons. It took me three tries. Be sure to fill in every field including the code at the bottom. Here are the coupons in the issue people are receiving right now: $1 Cover Girl, 75¢ Crest Ex. White Plus Scope Outlast toothpaste 4 oz.+, 75¢ Scope mouthwash 10 ml.+, $1 nice 'n Easy, $1 Secret Flawless, $1 Head & Shoulders, $1 Natural Instincts, Buy Venus razor or cartridge & get FREE Olay Body Wash up to $5 maximum value. All coupons expire 11/30/09

Walgreens Filler Items

Are you looking for a very cheap Walgreens filler item? Check the weekly flier for in-ad coupons for things like plastic tumblers 6/$1. You don’t have to buy 6. Buy one for .16, using the coupon. That extra filler allows you to use a Register Reward on top of other coupons, as long as you have enough items to match the number of manufacturer coupons you are using. For example, let’s say you have a $1 Register Reward you need to use. You are buying a $3.59 bottle of shampoo with a $2 coupon. You also want to use your $1 RR to lower the price but that would be two coupons on one item. So you throw in a filler for .16 along with the in-ad coupon. Now you can use your $2 manufacturer shampoo coupon and your $1 Register Reward coupon. The in-ad Walgreens store coupon in the picture doesn’t count toward anything except the discounted price, so don’t figure it into your coupons-to-items ratio. What you really need to pay attention to is manufacturer coupons-to-items ratio. Always have enough items to match the number of manufacturer coupons you are using. Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons, but rarely dictate what you actually spend them on.

Olay Coupons in Marie Claire

Marie Claire,
Nov 2009 issue, has two coupons on page 147:

*Buy any Olay H&B Lotion and get a
free Olay Body Lotion up to $6 (12/31/09)

*Olay H&Body Lotion $3 (12/31/09)

Print Bob Evans Form

Print the form for a $2.50 rebate wyb A Miser Brothers' Christmas DVD and two Bob Evans frozen Breakfast items (12/15/09)

RiteAid Extravaganza Coming Next Week

Next week is going to be another extravaganza at RiteAid. Log into to print the block format with all deals. Here are the 15 FARs starting Sunday:

Act II Popcorn Balls 3/.99
-$1/2 c/o (AY 12/6)

Final price 2/FREE

Zantac 150 or Cool Zantac 75 $8.99
-$8.99 Single Check Rebate #2 (valid
only on purchase made 10/18-10/24/09)
printable coupon
-$1 c/o (S 8/23)

Final price up to $5 PROFIT

Little Allergies Allergen Block $9.99
-$9.99 Single Check Rebate #28
-$3 c/o (S 5/3)

Final price $3 PROFIT

Zucol Coldcare Lozenges $5.99
-$5.99 Single Check Rebate #22
-$2 c/o (S 3/8)

Final price $2 PROFIT

NeilMed SinuFlo Ready Rinse or NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray $5.99
-$5.99 Single Check Rebate #20
printable coupon
Final price $2 PROFIT

NeilMed Nasa Mist Saline Spray $9.99
-$9.99 Single Check Rebate #21
printable coupon
Final price $2 PROFIT

Blink Tears Lubricant Eye Drops $7.99
-$7.99 Single Check Rebate #23
printable coupon
Final price $1.50 PROFIT

Children's Coldcalm Pellets or Chestal Honey Cough Syrup $7.99
-$7.99 Single Check Rebate #24
printable coupon
Final price $1 PROFIT

Kids Chloraseptic Grape Sore Throat Spray or Sore Throat Relief Strips Grape $4.49
-$4.49 Single Check Rebate #27

Final price FREE

Little Colds Cold Formula $3.99
-$3.99 Single Check Rebate #25
Final price FREE

Little Colds Sore Throat or Mucus Relief Melt Aways $5.49
-$5.49 Single Check Rebate #26

Final price FREE

Sambucol Immune System Booster $7.99
-$7.99 Single Check Rebate #29

Final price FREE

eos Lip Balm $1.99
-$1.99 Single Check Rebate #30

Final price FREE

Cepacol Fizzlers Just for Sore Throats $4.99
-$4.99 Single Check Rebate #31

Final price FREE

Hershey's Candy Bar 4 - 4.5 oz .99
-$1 c/o Extra Dark ( 9/27)

Final price FREE

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Counterfeit Coupons

If you receive an email with an attachment that has a pdf file for a high value free coupon, it's fake. Delete and don't pass on. You can see a very complete list of counterfeit coupons here:

Albertsons Catalina Overlap

If you are working on the Albertson $10 off $25 deal, you can overlap it with the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker catalina deals and get more than one catalina per checkout.

"Buy 25.00 get 10.00 OYNO deal at Albertsons.
Save up to $3.00 When you Purchase Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods
Crescents, Cookies, Sweet rolls, Grands Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner
Rolls, Breadsticks or Pizza Crust

Purchase between 10/5/09 and 11/1/09

Print coupons: coupons or Smartsource or or

Buy 3 and Save $2.00 On Your Next Order
Buy 4 and Save $2.50 On Your Next Order
Buy 5 or more and Save $3 On Your Next Order

Save up to $3.50 When You Buy BETTY CROCKER

Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit Roll Up
Between 10/9 and 11/1

Print coupons: coupons or smartsource or or
Buy 3 and Save $1.50 On Your Next Order
Buy 4 and Save $2.00 On Your Next Order
Buy 5 (or more) and Save $3.50 On Your Next

It's possible to get as many as three catalinas for one transaction.

High Value Playskool Coupons To Print

Print while you can, then wait for a sale since the coupons are long-dated.

$10 coupon on a Musical Sit 'n Spin coupon

$5 on Playskool Swing 'n Score Baseball coupon

$5 on Playskool Step Start Walk'n Ride coupon

$3 on Playskool Lullaby Gloworm coupon

$5 on Playskool Tumble'n Twirl Top coupon

$5 on Playskool Activity Ball coupon

$5 on Playskool DinoRoars Hatchings toy coupon

$10 on Playskool DinoRoars Stompers toy coupon

$5 on Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds coupon

$5 on Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase Toy coupon

$10 on Playskool Dance Cam coupon

$5/20 on My Little Pony purchase coupon

Fuel For School Box Closed

I joined the ranks of those who got their Kelloggs Fuel for School refunds returned as box closed. Here are two reader suggestions if you find yourself in the same boat: $10 is too much to write off.
"Call 1-800-962-1413 to talk to an actual person" and "They said to mail back to them at:
Kelloggs Company
Battle Creek MI 49016
Put "Fuel for School Exception" on the envelope."

Zyrtec Free Sample

Get a free sample of Zyrtec compliments of Walmart, click here.

Free Arm and Hammer Scent Pack

Call 1-888-800-2302 or email to get a free sample of Arm & Hammer Fresh-Ins Odor Eliminating Vacuum Scent Packs. Read about it here. These are crystals that you put in the vacuum bag or dust cup to leave a fresh scent.

Free Little Debbie Coupon

This Sunday Little Debbie is giving away a million cupcakes via coupons for free boxes. This is another Facebook-related promotion. If you haven't signed up for Facebook, it's free. Sign-up for your chance to win one of the free Little Debbie coupons. You will be emailed if you win. You can enter once per day until Sunday.

It's mid-month and there are new coupons on, including some $1 ones on Welch's Juice, Snuggle, Special K, Gold'n Plum Chicken, Yoplait Delights, Playtex Gloves, Nature Valley Nut Clusters, etc. There are also all those unusual and rare high-value Playskool coupons like $5 and $10 off. Check it out before they are gone.

Coupons Inc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

See all the best sellers in Toys at Amazon. There are links to Zhu Zhu pets but they are not discounted. Zhu Zhu pets dominate the list of bestsellers.

Printable Coupons

Print a .55 coupon on Snapple.

Print a 15% off coupon good at The Children's Place (10/31)

Print a $1 Kraft Naturals coupon.

On Oct 28th, you'll get double points at MyCokeRewards on Diet Coke products.

New Deal Divas

I've started the new DealDivas4 page. I'll be adding new stories all week. Take a look. There are some eye-poppers.

Free Shutterfly Photo Book

Free 8x8 20 page photo book from Shutterfly!
Click here and then log into your free Facebook account.
After the page loads, click the refresh button 2-4 times until you see a banner at the bottom offering the free Shutterfly photo book. Click on it. There will be a unique code on the next page. Write it down.
Then click on the Continue button and either log into your Shutterfly account or create an account. Enter your unique code in the field in the right column. That puts the free photobook into your account. You have until 11/15 to create it.

Snapple .55 Coupon

Print a .55 coupon on Snapple. Wednesday Deals Wednesday only deals:
Sperry Top Sider $19.95+ today only click here
Acorn Sandals and Slippers $9.95 click here
RedWings Men's 60% off click here
Red Wings Women's 60% off click here

Kohl's 20% off and .99 Shipping

TODAY ONLY: Kohl's is having a $14.99 Kitchen Electrics sale on items that are normally $19.99 - $34.99 plus get 20% off your order with code SPECIAL20, and .99 shipping per item. All these are $14.99
Kohl's is having up to 40% off Fisher Price and Playskool toys. You can use the 20% off code SPECIAL20. Go to Kohl's and click on "Toys/Games" tab. The Playskool Form Fitter is only $4.79 with sale price and 20% off coupon.

20% off Crocs

20% off Crocs plus free shipping at with code CROCS20 through this link. (10/20)

Join PoliCare

When you join PoliCare, you get special promotions and coupons on Poligrip and Polident products.

Free Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt

Get a coupon for free Breyers YoCrunch yogurt.