Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Chattem Coupons to Print + $5/$10 Rebate

$1/1 Icy Hot®, Aspercreme®, Sportscreme®, Arthritis Hot®, Capzasin® or Flexall® Product (exclusions)
$1/1 Unisom® product
$1/1 ACT® product
$1/1 GOLD BOND® product (exclusions)
$2/1 Nasacort® Allergy 24HR 60 Spray or Children's Nasacort® Allergy
$3/1 Allegra-D or Children's Allegra® product
$1.50/1 Kaopectate® product
$1/1 Cortizone 10® product
$1.50/1 Rolaids® Bottle (Tablets or Liquid)
$2/1 Icy Hot® Smart Relief™ Starter Kit
$1/1 Selsun Blue® product
$1/1 Pamprin® product
$1/1 Garlique® product
$2/1 Dulcolax® or DulcoEase® product 25ct or larger or Dulcolax® Suppositories
$3/1 Zantac® Product, 24ct or larger

In addition to the above coupons, you can also get a $5 or $10 rebate on Chattem products wyb at least 2.

Click on "Rebate Center" at the top of the page. You'll see this rebate:
Get $5 wyb $15 Chattem products, or
Get $10 wyb $30 Chattem products
in one transaction. Must purchase at least two Chattem products. Snap a photo of the receipt with your phone and upload at the link above. You'll get your payment either by mail or Paypal, your choice.


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