Friday, May 5, 2017

Bumping Up with New Info: Coke Code Food Reward at 7-Eleven

Coke and 7-Eleven have teamed to offer a promotion. Purchase a 20 oz Coca-Cola and submit your product code. Take your pick from available food item prizes, or use your product code for a chance to win a $100 7-Eleven gift card. Text COKE to 711711 to start. Read more here.  (7/11)

Coke/7-11 Rewards (5/4/2017 8:45:45 PM):  Am I the only one who's excited about the 7-ll free food rewards that were mentioned on Michele's Updates yesterday? You do NOT have to use codes from bottles purchased at 7-11! I checked the terms carefully, and that's not a requirement, so I just entered some cap codes I had left over from the old program. Everything worked, and I received the texts with the claim info for the rewards right away. There are five items available: A banana, a bag of chips, a hot sandwich, a slice of pizza, and a whole pizza, and they require between 2 and 6 cap codes apiece. All five together came to 20 cap codes, which would have been 60 points in the old program. This seems like a much better value for points than we would have gotten in the old program.

DON'T throw away any codes -- They've said the old codes are still going to be useable in the new program that starts July 1.

I was broken hearted that the old program ended, but if these 7-11 offers are any indication of what they're going to have for us, I'm starting to get excited again.,  Carole P, MD

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