Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Beautiful Hummingbird Feeders Starting at $12.99

There are beautiful colorful hummingbird feeds on Zulily today starting at $12.99. There are lots of choices, including all of the above, plus more. These would be so pretty just outside a window where you can see the hummingbirds feeding, plus enjoy the beautiful designs. I've never had a hummingbird feeder but it dawned on me that I have the perfect spot outside my office window where I would see it constantly and it would be super easy to refill. I just ordered the one above with the ladybugs. I think my grandkids will also enjoy it.  

I also ordered the Red Apple Fruit Fly Trap (see picture at right) from the same link at Zulily, which I am THRILLED about. I get fruit flies in my kitchen every August-September when I'm picking and processing lots of tomatoes from my garden. I have cured the problem in the past with a truly ugly homemade trap made with a canning jar topped with a paper funnel, with sugar water in the bottom. It's such a delight (not) on my kitchen window ledge, for two months, where I can watch the flies die (ugh). The Red Apple is so pretty. I'll be happy to leave it on the window ledge all summer and fall. It will be even prettier with the sunlight passing through. 
To find the hummingbird feeders and the fruit fly trap, look for this box at left, "Bring in the Birds & Bees", on the homepage at Zulily.

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