Wednesday, November 29, 2017

RefundCents Closing Tomorrow, Request Refunds Now

RefundCents shuts down tomorrow. If you'd like a prorated refund of your remaining months, that request must be emailed to me by tomorrow. It will take another week after that to finish processing them.  Include your full name and address, and if possible, the method of payment.

Also, if your subscription happens to expire tomorrow anyway, the system has pulled a fast one the last 6 months and cut off access in the morning instead of at the end of the day. If that happens, please use this access to login. It won't allow you to post on Chat, but you can post on Off Topic Chat with it:

username: turkey6
password: dinner89


Tara Nagelhout said...

why did the website shut down?

Faye Holland said...

why did the website shut down?
I am waiting to get my refund
Thank you Faye Holland
1636 County Rd. 301
Trinity Al . 35673

Faye Holland said...

So sorry to see you go.
you will be missed. Faye Holland

spoodlat said...

I just discovered the site has been shut down. I have sent an email, but not holding much hope for a refund due to the age of the request.

I am sad to see this site go and really wish there had been more notice.

Tracy Sides

Amy Mazza said...


I am so sorry to firstly, hear that your family needs help, hope all works out with that. Also, so sorry to not receive you anymore. Made me somewhat nostalgic, my 11 yr old didn't understand why I had been crying, had been with you since the 80s, when there was only your print magazine. How lives change in that time? I wish you the best, and if you decide to do it again, please, keep my email address, Will miss you.

Gail Joslin said...

I am also sad and if you decide to reopen plz contact me at God bless you for all your help.

Unknown said...

Did anyone find out why it shut down. I subscribed for years and really enjoyed getting the print issues each month. It wasn't the same when the print issues were discontinued, but the information was still great.

Good Luck Michelle Easter!!!!!!!!

Angel R said...

I have been a member for around 20 years and just saw that the site has been shut sorry to hear this. Where did all the members migrate to?

Rohit Singh said...

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