Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kroger Daily Sizzlin' Deals -- GOOD LUCK

Speaking of Kroger and affiliates, right now there is a Daily Sizzling promotion where you can get a new free coupon or high value coupon loaded to your card every day. Log into your Kroger account, then click on "Savings", then "Promotions", then scroll down to the link for "Sizzlin' Deals". When I click on it, I get the little spinning wheel, but the page never loads, so I'm limited in what I can tell you other than keep trying. Yesterday the freebie was a bottle of Calypso lemonade.
Update: I tried again, and this time, on the homepage, there was a banner in the upper right. I clicked that and it took me to today's coupons - two $1.50/1. One was Sargento Cheese Bites and I forgot the other one.

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