Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Amazon Pet Dash Buttons B1G1F and Explained


Huh? What's a Dash Button? My question exactly. After some research, I'll explain, but first let me point out that technology evolves so fast it's hard to keep up, and Amazon pushes the envelope (or the button....) all the time.
Go here for the Amazon page explaining Dash Buttons. Look for buttons for pet products, like Arm & Hammer Cat Litter or Iams food. You'll buy the button for $4.99, then that loads $4.99 credit onto the button. You'll need the Amazon app on your smartphone. When you want to reorder the product, just press the button, which is connected by WiFi to your phone, which is connected to Amazon via the app.

Right now, order one pet button for $4.99, and get another one free. You'll get the $4.99 credit after your first push.

Here's a better explanation:



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