Saturday, April 8, 2017

Treven Loves His Batman Cape


If you have kids/grandkids age 2-7, you gotta look at this deal on Amazon. I bought this package of 4 super hero capes/masks/bracelets for $19.99 about a month ago, crossing my fingers that the quality would be better than the Dollar Store. They exceeded my expectations. The capes are heavy silk and lined. The mask is sturdy and the snap bracelets are thick. The capes are wonderful. Treven, above, went bananas over the Batman cape and wore it constantly for the first 3 days. Notice that every reviewer on Amazon gives them 5 stars. Anyway, if you have a child in this age range, you could purchase these with confidence. It works out to $5 per set including cape, bracelet, and mask. It's a great deal. They could easily be Halloween costumes, too.  
Check it out here: Amazon


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