Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bumping Up More Info ..... Aleve TENS Device $10 Rebate, As Low As $29?

I'm bumping up this post from yesterday because there's a good discussion going on Centsible Chat about these types of devices. Bottom line --- they work to relieve pain. The Aleve Tens device has 15 adjustable intensity levels. Always start with the lowest and work up.

***** NOTE: This exact product is available on Amazon for $39.04 (reg $49.99) and ships free. This gives you the same price as buying it in-store after $10 rebate, without the bother of submitting and waiting for the refund.

Tip: You might also be able to submit for the $10 rebate using your Amazon receipt, making the final price $29.04. No promises, but worth a try.

In tomorrow's Smartsource insert is the following information about a $10
Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device refund. It looks like you have to submit it online only. Note that it starts Sunday 3/19, so don't buy it until Sunday. There's also a $3 coupon next to the rebate write-up. The Aleve TENS device sells for about $49 in-store. Here's what the write-up says:

Request your rebate online.
Send your cash register receipt dated 3/19/17 - 5/13/17.

To request your rebate online:
1. Log on to
2. Enter the offer code ALVE17MAR along with your rebate information and image of your receipt.
3. Click the submit button.

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