Monday, July 25, 2016

Join Nature's Bounty Rewards Program


Reminder - Nature's Bounty has a rewards program. Join here. Get points for entering UPC codes, reading newsletters and other interactive activities like answering trivia questions. Reward levels are: white, green, gold. You can enter up to 8 product codes every 30 days.



Gee Ruelas said...

saw this on the registration page:
Did a friend refer you to the program?
If a friend referred you, enter their email address below so they can earn 25 bonus points!

If anyone isn't worried about putting their email on here (which isn't particularly recommended), I wouldn't mind entering it.

Gee Ruelas said...

no takers :), so i went ahead and joined. my referral email is down_stairs at comcast dot net.
thanks :).

Gee Ruelas said...

So cool! Thanks to whomever used my referral :).