Saturday, November 14, 2009

UPromise Reader Jackpot - WOW

For those who have hesitated to join UPromise, I got an email from RC'er Janelle M that blew me away! -------

"Many years ago you encouraged us to sign up for
UPromise. I did and linked it with my business credit card then promptly forgot all about it. Recently you told us about the Photostamps deal and how you can get them for free after a Upromise rebate. When I went to do that, I found that I had $3,300 in my Upromise account! I have used my business credit card a lot over the years at several online retailers and it added up. Thanks so much for all your help over the years in saving our family money. Knowing how to stretch a dollar has really come in handy during this recession. Janelle M"
Thanks Janelle for a very inspiring report!! That's a jaw-dropper.
I encourage everyone to link your Upromise card to your credit cards and painlessly accumulate a nice nest egg. The money does not have to be used for education: you can withdraw it for any reason quarterly. If you haven't joined Upromise, you can do it here.

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